Think about it...

Who caused climate change?

Why are there 9 billion+ people on this


What makes us consume things that are

detrimental to health?

X Billion Action Lab builds new age social movements at the intersection of transforming human behaviour, data, storytelling and future ready policy.

Action Lab’s Model of Movements


In human behaviour lies the cause and solution to problems that are affecting our quality of life. The troubles we are experiencing today are a cumulative consequence of our actions, inactions and choices through time. The only way to make change is, to first think about it.



Apply modern behavioural science to transform thought and action.


Most political systems that govern human life today were designed in the post industrialisation era. Such ideologies did not account for realities like data driven capitalism, unemployability caused by AI, rapid climate change and binary code restricting freedom of thought, action and life itself.



Partner with policy makers and institutions to make policy future ready and enabling, for change in citizen behaviour.


The original purpose of a business entity was to manufacture products that positively improved people's lives, generated employment and supported the economy. However, as things stand currently, profit has divided society more than it has enabled it.



Activate a strong sense of purpose and build incentives for businesses to create revenue models and brand content that enables positive social thought and action.


New Media has the unprecedented power to influence thought and action in modern times. Digital information, largely driven by commercial and/or political agendas, plays an instrumental role in shaping our choices.



Leverage the power of digital storytelling and data to incept progressive choices like adoption, reducing one’s carbon footprint or changing habits to prevent diseases. 

What we do

Custom Built Social Movements

We bring together people, public institutions, new media and consumer brands for a specific cause / call to action.

Behavioural Research

Our cutting edge human centred research tools
  • Provide an in-depth, contextual insight into the human mind
  • Deconstruct choices, actions and disablers
  • Analyze social and cultural influence ecosystems
  • Identify primers / enablers / messaging for the desired call to action

Cause Marketing and Execution

We understand people, we understand big data and new media, we know how to make things happen on-ground.
So, Action Lab partners with consumer brands, foundations and CSR to implement impact agendas as well mobilize mass support. Cause areas that excite us include preventive healthcare, financial inclusion, population control, resource conservation and human rights.

Past Movements

Adopt India


A new-age social movement transforming mindsets and policy to open doors for India’s 2 crore+ abandoned children


Work in Progress

UN Young Changemakers Conclave


A platform for youth to engage with leaders from the domains of politics, business, media, film and technology


9 conclaves. 18,000+ participants. Speakers included Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Former RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan and Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh

The Green Batti Project


A one on one mentoring program that pairs young professionals with youth from lower income groups to enhance employability, incept soft skills and exchange life stories.


5000 mentor-mentee pairs.
Noted improvement in self confidence, recognition of sense of purpose and building informed career trajectories.

Operation Black Dot


A movement to enable upper middle class youth to cast an informed vote


Engaged 40,000+ students across 60 campuses for the 2014 lok sabha elections and 2016 municipal elections in Mumbai


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It is a challenge to find people with the intent, ability, sustained commitment and a vision to build something bigger than themselves.

Currently we’re a small group of futuristic changemakers re-imagining impact out of an energetic space in Bandra, Mumbai.

If you’d like to explore joining our mission write to


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3rd Floor, X Billion Labs,
Pinky Palace, Malwa Ceramics Building,
Ram Krishna Nagar, S.V. Road, Khar (W),
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